Avatint Pigmentpasten (Avatint pigment pastes)

Waterbased universal-pigment pastes with any solvents.
Useable for solvent based as well as for water based systems.
High UV-rays resistant and odorless.
Contains organic and inorganic pigments.

The following color pasts are availalbe:
Bundle sizes: 1 liter (bottle)

2921 BH blue
2922 BW light blue
2923 GH green
2924 RH red
2925 MG magenta
2926 RX oxidred
2927CW black
2928 CH deep black
2929 VM violet
2930 WX white
2931 YH intensive yellow
2932 YE yellow
2933 YX oxidyellow
2934 OM gamboge

Especially available for waterbased glazes:
Bundle sizes: 1 liter (bottle)

2916 LU-g yellow
2915 LU-r red