The predecessor of today's PIGROL Farben GmbH is founded, with the name Piller & Grau KG.

As the first company PIGROL brought a water-based weather-proof color under the brand name "K60" on the
German market. Soon the first water-based wood lacquer followed this groundbreaking innovation.

1963 - 1968
To expand existing production in a former gymnasium of 1900,
several new buildings are built on the company site.

Again, PIGROL was a cut above the rest in its technologies and introduced the first solvent-free acrylic lacquer on the market.
Since then, PIGROL products are synonymous with environmentally-friendly, high-quality
paint systems.

At the ceremony of the Monde Selection, Brussels, Rome, the PIGROL Farblasur and the PIGROL Acryl Transparentlack win a gold medal, as well as the PIGROL Acryl-Buntlack a silver medal.

The new building of the company of today's Hospital Str. 71 II is built. Until today, the Headquarters, the Storage
the Sales Department and the Distribution are located there.

PIGROL set another benchmark with the development of the first and unique wax glaze with the name PIGROL Edelwachs. As the only wax coating of its kind it is at any time re-paintable with itself or any other PIGROL products.

Due to a missing successor of the family business the company is sold to the Swedish paint manufacturer Alcro
Beckers AB.

In the course of the globalization of markets, Beckers AB Alcro and hence PIGROL Farben GmbH as a subsidiary
becomes part of the Finnish Tikkurila Deco Group.

On 01.07.2002 PIGROL Farben GmbH takes over the wood protection division KULBA Bauchemie of the former company Dr. Hartmann KULBA Bauchemie. Since then KULBA Bauchemie is a division of PIGROL Farben GmbH.

PIGROL extends the product range by the industrial coatings of the Finnish parent company. The new business unit Tikkurila Industrial Coatings with the market-leading mixing system Temaspeed is created.

The PIGROL Farben GmbH takes over the wood and coating systems of the companyAnton André & Sohn GmbH located in Oppenau, Germany. For the integration of the Tardin (additive for plaster) production machine a reconstruction of the production hall is performed.

In July 2008 the PIGROL Acryl-Buntlack (ABLM) was rated by the Stiftung Warentest with "good (1.7)". The result: One of the best paints in the test with good application properties and suitable for windows and doors. Top ratings within the testes were received in the categories: protection against weathering very well (1.0) and environment and health also very well (1.1).

The PIGROL Farben GmbH celebrates its 75th anniversary. A festive evening was the highlight of the anniversary year and took place on September 19th, 2009 with famous guests: German ski legends Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther.

PIGROL's Finnish parent company Tikkurila Oyj goes public. It is a market leader in Scandinavia, the Baltic States,
Poland and Russia, with annual sales of more than 500 million €.


The PIGROL Farben GmbH creates the new branch "Farbnatur". Hereunder the products PIGROL Beutenschutz-Lack and PIGROL Beutenschutz-Lasur are market, which are especially developed for the protection of beehives and other working equipments in the beekeeping. The products are tested and certified by independed German institutes of apiology.

By the end of 2013 the company name has changed into Tikkurila GmbH.